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Local initiatives for the transition

Chemin de fer de transit rapide

“The ecological transition is an evolution towards a new economic and social model that provides a global and lasting solution to the major environmental challenges of our century and to the threats that weigh on our planet. Operating at all levels, the ecological transition aims to put in place a resilient and sustainable development model that rethinks our ways of consuming, producing, working and living together .”

- Ecological transition, definition

Bâtiments écologiques

The ecological transition is based on three pillars :

  1. The energy transition

  2. The industrial transition

  3. The agro-food transition

During this journey, I will focus mainly on the energy and food aspects. Several topics will be covered, such as:

  • local and/or artisanal production

  • Local currencies

  • zero waste

  • Places of local cohesion

  • Transition Workshop Associations

  • Citizen energy production groups

  • Eco-habitat

  • ...

Do you recognize yourself in these examples? I would love to write an article about your initiative! Do not hesitate to contact me to organize a meeting :)

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