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About me

A little presentation

Hi friends! I am Fiona, 22 years old, engineering student in energetics and renewable energies at Sup'EnR, in this beautiful region that are the Pyrénées Orientales (in Perpignan, more exactly). I've always loved adventure, and this project is an opportunity to do a big one!

Sporty from a very young age, my first memories of cycling are filled with ditches and bruises on my body (my family will be able to confirm ...) because I had the annoying tendency to turn the handlebars when I turned my head! Fortunately, I have improved since then, and I hardly fall anymore (it would be very unconscious to go on a bike trip otherwise...)

Without being a great cyclist, it's an activity that I've always practiced, and I hope to come back from this great challenge with calves as big as my thighs (or maybe a little less big, let's not overdo it ...)

About me

About the Adventure

8,800 km on a solar bike

Yes, this is my project! Traveling for 4 months on a solar-assisted electric bike on the Euro cycle routes (you know, these routes designed for cycling trips, set up by the European Union).


The goal? Apart from suffering for pleasure? Surpass oneself, of course! And then go to meet local initiatives for energy transition (a subject that I'm vey interested in), and raise awareness of climate change in schools with the Climate Fresk (because transmission to the youngest is so important! And that if they understand the mess we are in, it will already help us a lot)

Of course, it will be above all an incredible human adventure, and I'm sure to meet a lot of great people on my way :)

But where am I going to sleep?? Very good question, you do well to ask !

Well, maybe at your place ? or in your garden, or in nature, according to my desires and possibilities. For this trip, I will favor free accommodation. I will therefore be equipped with my tent and everything I need to bivouac, and then if I pass by your place and the desire tells you to host me, well, it will be with great pleasure ! And nothing better than to send me a little message to tell me about the invitation :)

Image de Glenn Carstens-Peters
About the adventure

About the bike

Ilios , my electrically assisted solar bike

But what is this story? Since when can we ride with the sun?? Well... for about ten years already, except that few people know it!

Indeed, some seasoned cyclists have found this type of transport interesting, and thanks to them, more and more solar cyclo-travelers are born around the world!

My own bike is called Ilios. It's a mechanical bike transformed into an electric bike thanks to a conversion kit (Bafang crankset motor if you really want to know everything). I can ride with it, even without sun! But then, why solar bike, will you tell me??

Quite simply because I chose to equip myself with a solar trailer (=trailer with a solar panel on it, that's quite understandable) to recharge my batteries throughout my journey, and try to be the most autonomous possible!

Fastoche, it seems! 

vélo lac retaud_edited.jpg
About my bike

To go into a little more detail, my bike is equipped with 1kWh of batteries, and 2 panels of 115 Wp each, which would allow me to reach a range of around 100 km per day. Of course, it depends on the elevation, and the weather...


Ilios accompanied by his trailer

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